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Parmenter Family

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this family!!! Heather has been the sweetest and funnest person to work with. Oh the things that we have been thru, and the things we have accomplished! I love how far we have come, and how much more we have to go. I couldn’t imagine doing what we have done without her. Love you girl!!!

And of course Heather’s hubby. I have loved getting to know him more than just my husband’s childhood stories! Such a neat and understanding guy. Talented too! You should see the things he has made for their home. ADORABLE! {BTW, Thanks Eric…..for installing the new carpet in my house, and for actually pretending to enjoy this family session!}

Oh Payden. Payden, Payden, Payden. I have LOVED watching you grow up! Thanks for being a fun friend to my kids. You ROCK little man…Love ya 😉

Crewbie. Mr Crew. Same goes for you. From little guy to little man. Thanks for being such a great friend to my kids as well. {BTW all of the kids LOVE when they all get together. They have all been thru so much together while their mommies pursue their dream studio.} Love ya man!

Millie…all bark Millie. I love how protective you are over your cute adorable family. And how you know how to get your mama’s attention when she is chatting with me or editing away. You know how to work the system girl! Now if you would just figure out how to sit still for family pictures!

If you can’t tell, this family means a lot to me. I look forward to the many years learning and growing with them! LOVE you Parmenter family!

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