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Happy New Year!

Oh how I have enjoyed my Christmas vacation! I feel like a kid again, getting excited to sleep in and do..well..nothing all day. I have read a few books this week, novels of course. I have been avoiding the computer and all my work until today, and I feel ready to tackle my ever growing list of edits. I apologize that I have been avoiding my posts this week, thank goodness I have Kayla to keep the content rocking and rolling! I have a few New Years resolutions and one of them is to post on a regular basis…..the rest I will tell you assuming they actually last more than a day or two.

Here is the newest addition to the Parmenter family……Chestee. He must be one of the most beautiful little pups ever (yes, I am partial to Weimaraners). Beau recently got this little stud and I just knew he had modeling potential, I mean look at those eyes! I can’t believe how much he has already grown, and how much he chews things, and that he just had an accident on my floor. Maybe I should focus on babysitting. As I am finishing this post I looked over my shoulder to see my slightly over weight weimar, Milly, and Chestee (in a sweater) sleeping on the couch. Does it get any cuter than that? No way.

Bryan - January 1, 2012 - 3:38 am

OMG I love, love, love these photos!I love the simplicity and the usage of bold colors. Heather, I must say, you are my absolute favorite photography..not that I don’t love all the Paisley Family, but what you have done for me and all of the beautiful puppies I have seen in your portfolio, has got to be the most original, creative, and briliantly cheoreographed work I have ever seen!! Thank you again for bringing such joy to so many lives through the lense of your camera.
Bryan and Howard James III

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