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Can I just tell you how much fun I had with Kendra and her twin sis, Kaitlin? It didn’t take very long to discover that the two of them act in a similar way to me and my twin. We made sure to do two sessions so they each would be able to express themselves (and not have to share…twin thing.) For those of you are not twins reading this blog and I am assuming that is about 98% of you, it is always having your best friend (most of the time) by your side. It is always having someone to to go Wal-Mart with at 11PM. It is a bond that only gets stronger with age, and its always having someone to blame when you do something wrong. Sorry, I digress. Kaitlin and Kendra are such dolls and I have truly enjoyed every second I spent with them. I can’t wait to see you girls next week!

Kaitlin » Paisley Studios {the Blog} - April 24, 2012 - 9:15 pm

[…] paisley studios stylists, photographer: heather, senior photography Kaitlin and her sis Kendra were a blast to photograph. They are twins if you didn’t know and so I had an especially good […]

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