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Happy Birthday HEATHER!!!

Happy birthday to one of my most amazing, beautiful, awesome mom, and super talented best friends.  Today is the day that I look forward to all year.  The day that I get to share adorable yet somewhat embarrassing photos of her to everyone!!  Lucky for her, the embarrassing ones seem to have vanished from my external hard drive. 😉  To be honest, it was a crazy day that I didn’t have time to look for too many embarrassing photos.  So I will just share a few of my favorite.

Now let’s talk about this girl and her talents.  She has an amazing eye for photography.  Always has, always will.  She is very skilled with her camera….you should see her straight out of camera images!  We always have so much fun shooting together.  And when we get in front of a computer together to edit…..watch out!!!  You better believe that we have a few tricks to teach each other.

This girl is truly a great example to me and if you know her, truly know her, you would feel the same way.  As like all of us, she has been faced with many challenges in life.  I admire her for always being the bigger person.  She never retaliates, when she has ever reason too.  Ok, well there was that ONE time. 😉  I am sure that she has no clue that I admire her as much as I do for this, but she has inspired and helped me realize that it pays to be the bigger person.  I absolutely hate to see her go thru the things that she has, but she knows that we can always have a good cry together, and then we come up with a solution.  Heather isn’t much of crying..that’s how tough she is!  I truly appreciate her friendship and honesty.  I love who I am around her, and hope that I can repay her with all she has taught and encouraged me with.  I love you tons Heather.  Have for years, and will for years.  Happy Birthday!

Had to re-post these two pictures because they are my favorite!
Mother Daughter photo

To top this post off, I want to also tell her beautiful twin sister Natalie Happy Birthday too!  Happy Birthday to you twinners!

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