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Welcome to Paisley Studios!!!!

We are a boutique photography studio located in the heart of downtown Blackfoot, Idaho. We specialize in storytelling photography, and also have a hair and make-up salon located in the studio to make every session perfect. Our stylists are licensed to do all hair and beauty whether it be for photos or a pick me up. There are two photographers, Heather and Kayla; and three stylists, Laurie, Kristina, and Brittney. We love what we do and enjoy meeting and building lasting relationships with our clients. We are here to make you look and feel beautiful. Feel fee to share your love with a blog comment or two!

Here is a little more information about us.

Heather Parmenter:

Photography is the best way for me to show others what I see and feel, so it only made sense that I loved storytelling photography…sprinkled with a touch of photojournalism. I have gone through so many phases trying to discover my personality behind the lens and I think I have finally found my place. I love vibrant colors and loads of emotion. I love fashion, and spend hours just browsing through all of my favorite clothing and home decor magazines…J.Crew and I were meant to be together. I love to shop Anthropologie, Top Shop, and Banana Republic to name a few. I like to think of myself as a professional shopper {too bad I don’t get paid for it} and love to help coordinate outfits and themes for my clients. Clothing can be an amazing way to express yourself and the colors, textures, and layers are constantly evolving. In my spare time I read and watch photography videos and photoshop tutorials to keep an edge to the studio. I am always eager to learn and grow and hope that I never get complacent. Opening a professional studio has been such a fulfilling choice and I love watching it grow with Kayla. With the move to the new and much larger studio space, hair and makeup were added for our clients….what a ride that has been! I get to work with the most amazing girls ever and can’t believe how everything just sort of fell into place. I love working together with clients to create a unique session filled with beautiful light and memories, there is nothing better.

Kayla Evans:

Photography has been a big part of my life.  I grew up with a mom who had her degree in photography. {Oh the hours I spent in the darkroom developing pictures with her.}  It was so much fun to see an image magically appear on paper!  From there, I spent many days modeling my mom’s Fluff & Twirl dresses for her catalogs.  And oh the hours I spent in a little studio in Moore, Idaho being told to put my chin down a little, and towards the right. {I now see why I was told to do that, I find myself saying the same thing to my clients!}  When I was in high school, my mom let me loose with her camera and started teaching me how to process my own film and pictures.  I have to say, I still dream about processing film, there is just something about being in the complete dark winding the film perfectly on the spool to prepare it for the next step.  When digital came along  I have to admit, I was against it for sometime.  Now, I have no clue why I was, digital is AMAZING!  I started working with Photoshop in 2002 preparing images for my mom’s website.  I was addicted to Photoshop. {and still am, wink}  I always took pictures for family and friends for fun, until one day my sister suggested I make it more than just a hobby.  So, I started my business in photography in 2007 and LOVE that I did.  I joined up with Heather @ Paisley Studios in 2009 and  it has been so fun to help and watch each other grow everyday.

yorumlasak - March 22, 2012 - 7:34 pm

wow very nice

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