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Lily’s Closet Fall/Winter Collection is here!

I had the opportunity to shoot for Lily’s Closet Fall/Winter Collection, and holy cow is it packed with the cutest fall lineup…not to mention amazing modeling talent. Christi will be at here tomorrow selling all of her current and new items. If you are in the Idaho Falls area I encourage you to stop by and support an amazing local store. Thank you so much for all the models who traveled and spent their morning with us, and to Kayla for not totally freaking out with all the glitter and snow! Here are a handful of new leggings, skirts, and headbands that will be there tomorrow.

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Sarah’s Senior Session

I love how personal senior photos have become over the last few years. They really can show the interests of the client in a captivating way. Sarah is a great example with her rifle in hand! We had some beautiful country landscapes to put behind her and accent her great wardrobe changes.

The area we live in, Southeast Idaho, offers a wide range of landscapes to use. If there is something we want to use but don’t have it here, it’s not too long of a drive to get somewhere else that is just as good. Rolling hills, country farms, green forests and rivers; all are areas we have taken pictures in. In our studio we offer backdrops by the dozens.

Now that “Senior Season” is slowing down and winter is fast approaching, contact us if you still need yours! We offer a great package as a base and can add extras that will bring your photos to the next level! This includes things like hair and make up, a stylized session that is just for you and more.

Here is the link to our pricing and add ons.

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Thomas Family

This family is something special to me. Not only are they my neighbors since moving last year (which I love!) but I can honestly say that if it weren’t for them being models in my early days of learning photography I don’t know that I would still be doing it.

They have been eager to pose for me since their tweens were little ones. And I have to thank them, because I truly love what I do. They are a beautiful family that had patience with me and made the learning process so much easier!

Thank you Thomas family, I love the memories I’ve helped you make.

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It’s Kayla’s Birthday! YAY!

We started this tradition of posting pictures of each other on their birthday….sadly, we missed last year. But I felt like it was something worth re-igniting today.

As I was searching for pictures of Kayla it made me realize how much fun we have together.  It has been several years now since we have started working together, and the amount I have grown and learned from her is amazing. It is so rare to find someone that you can work and hang with all in the same day! It’s hard to call it work when we have so much fun. It’s been a blessing to have such a great person to call my friend.

This year I opted for nice images rather than super embarrassing ones, and hope to continue to post on this special day for years and years…and years to come! (Maybe next year can be the embarrassing ones)

Happy Birthday Kayla! I hope that you have your feet up…..getting a foot massage and back rub all at the same time…hint hint Blaine!

Paisley by Kayla - November 1, 2014 - 7:36 pm

Heather! You are the best. I absolutely love every day we get to spend together or talk. Thanks, I love you girl!

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Geometrics, Polka Dots and Feathers from Lily’s Closet

Here on the blog you see a lot of families, babies, seniors and children (with a few pets mixed in). But Kayla and I have another love when it comes to photography and it is something we are really passionate about. Commercial photography! The collaborations, styling, planning and execution really drive us. With that, we love being able to work with brands that are introducing new and exciting products that people really want. Today’s post had 20 people in total pulling together for the day and it was amazing! But I digress…

Lily’s Closet has some of the most colorful accessories, leggings, dresses and skirts for all ages of girls, along with a few things for smaller boys! I just love the variety of options and uniqueness to each of them. And yes, you have seen a Lily’s Closet post recently but doing such a fun shoot deserves another post! The geometric patterns, feathers, fur, girly headbands and even gold polka dots are enough to make you want one of everything. This collection is comfortable and wearable and can stand up to the littles that stand in them.

Since we love Lily’s Closet and know that you will too when you see the new collection, we are excited to announce that coming November 8th at The Fall into the Holidays Craft Fair they will be debuting their new Holiday collection! I have personally seen it and to say it is amazing would be an understatement. These products are high quality, beautiful and perfectly on trend for the season. Follow the link for more information about how to get to the show to be the first to see the Holiday collection.

Courtney Parmenter was in charge of set/prop design and I just had to show off the unbelievable talent that she put into the day. She specializes in Interior Design (Consulting/eDesign and Full Service Design) AND Event/Party Planning, which makes her a perfect fit for this shoot. She brought to fruition the image our client had in mind to a tee. But the small details like the feathers with gold tips on a strand of lace are things only she can pull together and they make for a playful scene.

The moms of these sweethearts need a big Thank You as well for bringing them out and letting us style them for the day. Although wouldn’t any little girl want that? Without them we wouldn’t have such a successful day and we are so appreciative, all of us.

Most importantly, a million thanks to Leo and Karen Drake of Tiny Acres for letting us use their beautiful property and especially their stunning ponies for the day! These amazing animals brought the shoot to a whole new level. It may have something to do with them being the best show horses around and I believe it!

I hope you enjoy this shoot as much as I did!

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