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Happy 2013

Wow. Did I take a vacation from posting or what? I apologize for being so lazy, but sometimes we all just need a break right? The good news is that I am back to the grind with oodles of adorable new previews for everyone to enjoy.

We have been in the midst of spring cleaning at the studio and since it is too cold to work outside, we have been photographing everyone inside the studio ( not that it is warm in there either….but that is a post for another day.) Floors are getting a fresh coat of paint, walls are getting new colors, and we are moving our sales room closer to our shooting area. We are grateful for all of our clients who have put up with our junk everywhere and promise to get it in order soon. All of us at Paisley Studios are looking forward to a great year, and wanted to let all of you who have come in and shown support to the stylists and photographers that we love working with you! It is such a great feeling to be surrounded by awesome talent and even awesomer ( yes, today it is a word) clients. We hope this year will be filled with new ideas and products to keep you all coming back for more!!!

Is it a requirement that all men of all ages drool over cars……I do believe it is after I saw the photo below!

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