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Happy Birthday Heather!

We love November and are very grateful for it.  November 2009 is when Heather and I started work together as the Paisley girls, we share the same birthday month, plus we share the birthday month with our sweet little babies!  We have been thru so much together, that our friendship means everything.  For 6 years now we have done a birthday post for each other, and its definitely something that we look forward too.  Whenever we have a silly moment in front of the camera, we tend to get the feeling that the picture might end up on our birthday posts…..which 8 times out of 10, they do.  Being in front of the camera isn’t our strong suit.  We often tell others how to pose, but when it comes to us doing it, well it is weird!  So thanks to all of those clients who do all of the weird things we ask them to for great shots, we love you!

Now onto a little bit more brag about Heather for her birthday.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t image what it would be like to not have Heather as a business partner and friend.  I am often in awe of our friendship and how well we work together.  Many think that we have known each other forever or were friends before we started working together.  Well it’s neither.  We started together not knowing hardly anything about each other.  We knew many of the same people, but for us to stop and talk when passing, it wouldn’t have happened.  We have both learned so much about one another, that I think that we literally know EVERYTHING about each other.  Its almost scary.  I have loved to see how much we have learned and grown over the years.  It’s definitely a friendship I cherish.  Love you tons Heather and Happy Birthday!!

Photo shoot with Miss P in the soon to be up Katy Lane Collection skirts!

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We were so fortunate to get a nice warm evening for this session, I can almost feel the warmth from that afternoon…almost. Natalie’s session was shot while the weather was still my friend, and I loved getting to know her. My long lost friend Laurie, was in town and she did a flawless job on the hair and makeup. Laurie also hung with me for the shoot and helped with lighting…she is a woman of many talents! This was a great senior session and great memories! Thanks Natalie!

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Mckenzi – High School Senior

It has been super fun getting all of the seniors into the studio for year book deadlines.  It is our favorite time of year.  Mckenzi has been in our studio a couple of times for some fun photoshoots, but this was her first time with red hair.  What a fun twist for a senior session!  I have loved photographing Mckenzi.  She is a dream to photograph, and love how her personality shines thru.

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Our little tradition

I’m not sure how Kayla and I began this little birthday tradition, but I am so glad we continue birthday posts year after year. We both try and capture random, somewhat embarrassing, photos of each other during the year, so we can use them in our annual post for each other. This year however, we happened to shoot a tiny session together….perfect for a birthday tribute.

I don’t know if I can even put to words the friendship that we have grown together. Work with Kayla isn’t work at all, we laugh constantly, and recently tackled a little home makeover together. The list goes on and on, but the point is that it doesn’t really matter what project we are working on, we always enjoy each others company. Kayla has consistently helped me work through any and all situations in which I find myself, always with support and understanding. I hold our friendship close to my heart, and some days it is what keeps me afloat. I love you so much Kayla, and I hope you know what an amazing person you are. You possess qualities that I keep hoping will one day rub off onto me…maybe if we spend enough time together!


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