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Quincy – 6 Months

I hope you can handle this cuteness. Miss Quincy came in for her 6 month photo session at the studio and we had such a fun time playing peek-a-boo.  Her mom had fun getting her all dressed up and looking so cute, that Quincy had just about had enough. (Hence the adorable crying picture!) I am glad she got over it so I could capture some adorable pictures of her at 6 months old.   This baby girl has it figured out, but how could you now with those adorable photogenic eyes.  I just absolutely love her!!

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Briggs 6 Month Pictures

I will admit, I have been waiting to finish up our new logo just so I could put it on these images and many more!!  (So yes, once again he is months older then the pictures posted.)  This little guy has been growing up and we just love him to pieces.  6 month photography sessions are possibly my favorite.  I love the sweet smiles, laughs, and movement as these little ones are discovering the world…not to mention they can’t crawl or walk yet. I can’t believe how much he is changing, and I am so happy that I will always have these photos to remember this adorable stage in his life.

Teething necklace from: Hazelaid 

Bandanas: Drooly Scruptious

Moccs: From one of my favorite clients – Feather Feet


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In Honor of our New Logo!

FINALLY we have a new logo! We have been really, really working on one for about a year (thanks to Heather for being so picky) and we wanted to offer a Fall Special to all of you!

Fall is our favorite time of year with the beauty of the changing season and the start to the best holidays of the year. (But Heather and I may be partial) It also happens to be one of our busiest/popular times for all varieties of sessions because all of the orange, yellow and red with just a touch of green make the most awe-inspiring backdrops. We’ve even done our own family photos this time of year because there are so many ways to make this season, at times magical, personal to each family.

Because this time of year is so popular for senior, family and wedding sessions, we have decided to run a special for the first time ever to promote our new branding.  Any new session or wedding booked now through the end of the year will receive an awesome sale price!  All sessions will start at $175* (portraits, families and newborns*) and weddings will start at $800*! If you are considering your next portrait session make sure you give us a call, text, or email! Capture this special time of year with lasting memories you can look back on, smile to yourself and renew that gratitude for those sweet moments.

Contact us at:

Studio for Salon 208-785-3411




Click Here for pricing and photoshoot information.

*Session is for 1 person, each additional person is only $15 to add on

*Session is for baby, add on the family for only $25

*Savings of $1,200

And because it just feels wrong to post without a photo or two or three, here is a session shot by viral infographic design agency ..ya know to get you in the mood to book your own session!






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What a view

Kayla and I spend the day at the Blackfoot Airport during the annual Pride Days event. We were able to meet some great people and spend the morning in the sun taking images of a replica plane. They highlight of the day though, was being given the opportunity to take some shots from above. Joel was kind enough to take me for a little flight and we met up with his brother who happened to be spraying crops all morning. I mean, I knew Blackfoot was mostly farmland, but I had no idea how pretty it looks from above!  The view was amazing and I was too excited about the photo opportunity to even worry about getting sick!

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Mr. L

Why is everything so absolutely perfect in miniature? There is something so peaceful and downright adorable about infants, even when they are crying they are cute. I was so excited to meet this little man, and he is one lucky lad to have such an great family to love him. His parents are amazing and he has a pretty awesome big brother to show him all the ropes as he grows up. Congrats you guys, he is perfect!

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