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Barrow Family

One can possibly tell that these kiddos have been threw many photoshoots with me.  They know exactly what to do.  I was pretty excited to get out of my harvest truck to capture their whole family together.  They didn’t disappoint.  They were all amazing. [even dad!]  I have loved watching each of these little ones grow up.  I will never forget the day this beautiful, kind mom came into our studio with her first precious baby.  I never realized what a great friendship I would gain that day.  It has been such a blessing in my life knowing their sweet mom.  She is very talented in so many ways, that I have confided in her many times threw out the years.

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Three girls and their horse.

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These girls are some of my favorite little people. I can’t believe how fast they are growing up, and pretty sure they will start passing me up in height within the year. All three of them are so sweet,  and I have loved spending time with them over the last few years. Katie always knows how to coordinate outfits and bringing Honey the horse really made my day. Thanks girls!

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Meet our newest stylist, Emily!

We are so happy to introduce Emily, our newest stylist at the studio. We feel so fortunate to have her join our team and wanted to share a little bit about her. She was raised in Bountiful, Utah and attended the International Institute of Hair Design. Graduated in 2001 and has lived in Idaho for 10 years now. She is very talented and loves to play with color. If you are contemplating a fun hair color or if you want to make a change to your current style, contact Emily at the studio; 208-785-3411 or on her cell at 208-242-7344 to book your appointment.

The Holiday season is just about here, so get your appointment scheduled! Remember that we will start selling gift certificates in November and they make the perfect holiday gift for a loved one!

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Stetson is 1

I have loved watching Stetson grow! He was so adorable when he came in for his newborn pictures, and now look at him, he is as handsome as can be!  His blue eyes are to die for and his smile….oh my!  Stetson has a love for baseball, much like his dad.  He knows what to do with the baseball, and he loved throwing it to his dad during pictures!  In the midst of this cute little guys 1st birthday pictures, we also got to snatch a couple of fun family photos as well.  It makes me think that it is time for me to get my own family pictures done, how about you?

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I wish more women would document the joy of motherhood. Looking back on my pregnancies I was blessed to have relatively little to complain about, and although we can’t all look like Katie, there is something really beautiful about a women carrying a child. I have only a handful of photos of myself while pregnant and now I wish I had more to show my children. I mean pregnancy is no easy feat and the few photos I have stand as a reminder that I accomplished something amazing. I remember reading an article in some random magazine about a mother who joked that when her children grew they might assume they were adopted because she refused to have any photos taken of herself while she was pregnant. She continued shunning the camera for months afterward, not feeling pretty enough or skinny enough to have her photo taken with her new baby. So, if you are expecting, please contact us for a consult! We can help you feel as pretty as you should for a photo session…you can even pamper yourself with hair and makeup by one of our amazing stylists!

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