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Happy Wedding Day Dillon + Cindy

Today is the day. The day that all of my parents kids are officially married!  They now have had 3 out of 6 weddings in MAY!  Fourteen years ago, it was two daughters in May, I admit, I was one of them and didn’t think that would be too much on them.  Now I know……I am so sorry!  I hope that my children don’t squeeze two weddings in one month on me! At least one was the first and the other the end of May. 😀

Before I head off to wedding day stuff, I just wanted to tell my little brother and his almost-to-be wife CONGRATULATIONS!  I wish you two the best on your new adventure.  Happy Wedding Day!

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It is amazing how fast children grow up. Try as we might to stop them from becoming independent so early in life. Finn is at the perfect age where he is content to just smile at the camera and become lost in the flash of the lights, but as soon as he masters walking I doubt he’ll be so content to just sit there for me. He is turning into such a little doll and with three older sisters….he is treated like one. Here is Finn’s 8 month session (scroll to the bottom to see one of his sweet little newborn shots).

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Emillie is 5

I have loved photographing this little beauty since she came in for her newborn photo session.  It is so fun to watch my clients grow up!  These sweet stages of life are so much fun to capture in pictures.  Miss Emillie was a hoot!  She was an adorable poser, and loved to pull funny faces during each pose.  I loved spending time with her and her beautiful Mom!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day. The sacrifice mothers make is truly a great one. Daily comforts like sleeping, eating, showering, and personal space are last in line when raising a child…and even more so with multiple children. Motherhood is a 24/7 gig and I have it on good authority that it never ends. As a mother, you are constantly thinking of your children. It doesn’t matter if they are in another room, state, or continent…we worry all of the time. Are they happy? Are they in need of anything? Are they making friends at school? I admit to driving past the boys’ school yard to see if they were alone at recess. As a mother we don’t want to see our children struggle with anything and it breaks our hearts to see them as anything, but blissfully happy. It is today that we all should be truly thanking the women in our lives for all we know they did for us, and the immense amount of love and concern they had when we weren’t looking. The silent plea that each mother whispers daily that our children will be safe, loved, and watched over, is one that every mother is familiar with. Thank your mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, sisters and every other women who contributed to the person you are today. Without these women, our world would be a much darker place.

It has been so fun to have Natalie join the ranks of motherhood. She is a great mother and I love raising our children in the same town. Happy Mother’s Day Mom and Nat!

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Often it feels like it is always playing catch up to share what we have been up to!  We picked possibly one of the coldest days to go out and shoot Joslyn’s senior pictures.  But she rocked it like a champ, even if the rest of us were all bundled up!  I have loved watching Joslyn grow up.  I’ve known her since she was a little tike, and have always admired her.  Looking back, I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face or in her eyes.  Thanks Joslyn for having me capture a few pictures of you!!  Wish you the best on your next adventures!

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