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Mr D

When this little man’s mama comes into the studio for her handsome boys birthday pictures, you can always guarantee to have an awesome birthday cake for pictures!! Their birthday cakes always fit her boys to a “T”.  As you can tell Mr D absolutely loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He LOVED his cake from Paisley Cakes in Blackfoot.  It was pretty hard for him to keep from playing with it, and I don’t blame him…it was awesome!  Mr D is definitely one cute little stud!  I have loved photographing him and watching him grow.

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Emmy and Nate

These two are so fantastic and they did something that I have never thought of before, they chose to shoot their bridals at the temple in the evening on a Monday (for those of you who don’t know, the temple is closed on this day so there was no one around!) It was awesome. Not only did I get beautiful light, but I didn’t have to fight my background and continually ask people to move from behind our shot. It was such great shoot and I seriously recommend that our bridal sessions consider this as an option for bridals. Wedding days, especially at the temple, can be insanely crowded and this was a great way to get the location without all the people. Think about it!

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Price Pratt

Those cheeks are almost too much for me. Seriously. Too. Cute. I realize as I edit this session that I am so fortunate to have such amazing clients as these. This family is the greatest ever and have been very kind and thoughtful over the years. I am so happy to be able to capture these moments as this family grows. Price is just about as cute as they come and there is nothing better than photographing little ones from their first days of life all the way to the big 1 year. Thank you Cassia for being so supportive throughout the years!

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Idaho Children Photographer: Kingston Wolf

Kingston is such a handsome little man. I am lucky enough to chill with him on occasion and I have a sneaky feeling he is going to be, or rather already is, a lady’s man. He is a very stylish fellow thanks to his awesome mommy, Laurie. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up and I love being able to capture all his little milestones.

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A new era of hair extensions arrives at the studio…get yours ordered now!

Laurie is now offering a new 100% real hair extension with NO damage to your existing hair..that’s right, no damage. Sounds pretty great right? The extensions are quickly fitted to the head in a few minutes and you will feel fab without sacrificing or damaging your natural hair.  The extensions are made with the finest hair on the market today and  can be curled and even colored. Hair comes in 4 lenghts; 12, 16, 20, 24 inches. For those of you who have been disappointed with the quality of hair that is available in other brands of extension, fret no more.  I know I am going to sound like an infomercial but I am so excited to try these babies out! Here is what sold me:

*100% real human hair

*only takes moments to put in and take out

*NO DAMAGE to my real hair

* with proper care, extensions will last up to 9 months and I don’t have to have them touched up every 3-4 months in between

* Each extension is over 100 grams of hair (which is the equivalent of a full head of hair)

*styles as well as your own hair

*take them in and out whenever the mood strikes. Want them for a long braid or beautiful curls throw ‘em in. Take them out each night so you don’t have to mess with them while trying to sleep!

I have tried several types of hair extensions and finally gave up on them because they were not lasting more then a month or two. I hated sleeping in them and there were days that I wish I could just take them out for a nice ponytail, or better yet to let me scalp relax. We are thrilled to have found this new option for all of our clients and Laurie is offering a 10% discount for anyone who purchases in our first order. If you are interested and want to learn more you can do one of the following; email, call or text Laurie at 208-681-1854, or myself at 208-681-2956. We do require a 50% deposit for all orders. You have got to try this delightfully simple way to add length and volume to your hair!


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