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Looking for part-time stylists and part/full time nail tech

We wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who as turned in resumes and sent emails applying for our salon openings. We are starting the interview process and if we haven’t reached out to you yet, we will!  [We got a little behind due to our studio flooding in the storm recently.]  We have a little more information for the positions we are still looking for: part-time stylists working between 2 or 3 days per week and nail techs can choose full or part-time positions. We are a booth rent establishment and a fun, upbeat work atmosphere. This is a great place to work if you are interested in building your hair and makeup clientele and portfolio. We often use our stylists on photography shoot collaborations and we promote your work on all of our social media sites. We ask that you bring in a physical resume or email us one at We look forward to hearing from you and getting some fresh new Paisley faces [not that the current ones are not fresh….we love you!] And because we can’t do a post without pictures, here are a few of my sweet little Miss P!



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Harlow turns 2!

I have been so lucky to photograph Miss Harlow since she was an itty bitty baby. It has been so great to watch her grow and change. Her mom came up with a great idea for a super girlie two year old session, she made fake makeup in the compacts and even fake lipstick. We completed the look with cami slips from One Small Child. I loved the femininity of the slips and that they can be used for dress up or to add volume under another dress. I had so much fun with Harlow and always look forward to seeing her grow and change. Thank you so much for bringing her in Amanda and Brandon!

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Paisley Studios is hiring!


We have some great news! We are hiring! We are so excited to bring in some new faces and fun personalities to the studio! If you are interested in the following job openings or if you know someone who would be a great addition to the studio send them our way! We ask that you bring in a physical resume or you can email us one at Please write a little about yourself, your talents, and why you think you would be a good mix with the Paisley brand. We look forward to hearing and hiring!!!!

We are currently seeking:

*licensed hair stylist(s) (experience with makeup application not required but recommended)

*part-time secretary who is amazing with people

*licensed nail tech(s)


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Have you checked out our Permanent Makeup?

Did you know that Permanent Makeup offered at Paisley Studios by Natalie is not done with a tattoo gun?!

Natalie is offering $20 off now thru August

Natalie is certified in using Softap for permanent makeup.

Softap is a hand applicator tool that deposit pigment into the skin and is less invasive than the traditional tattoo gun or other methods plus it’s 100% disposable.
 All pigments are hypoallergenic and have been safely used on even the most sensitive of clients.
There are over 50 colors that can be mixed and matched to create a custom color.
Natalie uses an anesthetic so there is no discomfort, and the recovery is a quick turnaround of 5-10 days.
These are the things that Natalie offers at the studio:

Eye liner $75

Eyebrows $75

Lip liner and fill is $150

Lip liner $85

To get more information or to make your appointment call: 208-406-8981


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Island Park and Yellowstone getaway

I have to admit that the 4th of July is not my favorite holiday. I know, I know that probably sounds horrible, but I hate all the traffic and people clustered together to watch fireworks that always seem to be the same as the year before. We decided to break away from the heat and crowds to our family cabin in Island Park. Don’t get me wrong it was still insanely busy there, but the atmosphere is just more cheerful and laid back. We watched Lakeside Lodge’s firework show and it was fantastic. At one point my oldest child actually asked how much longer was the show going to last…it was THAT long. As if that wasn’t good enough we were fortunate enough to bum the ideal view of the show on a family friends dock. It was great company and a great show. We spend the next day visiting Yellowstone National Park and a few of the iconic geysers that live there. It’s funny that as a child everything seems so large and overwhelming and when revisited as an adult the usual response is something like, “wow, I remember it bigger than that.” Well not Yellowstone! When we first entered the park and received our map I realized I have only seen about a tenth of what the park has to offer. I already want to go back! Our family had such a great time and spend the weekend in great company. The cousins even dropped in from their cabin down the street for a little dirt bike action. It was perfection.

It is a rare thing to actually have a picture taken of me. I am always behind the camera! Thanks Taylor for grabbing a shot of us!

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