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Sweet Baby Paul

Sweet baby Paul here could not have been a cuter sleeping angel! He is my cousin’s newest addition and I loved being able to capture these endearing moments for their family. I had extra help though with Paul’s big sister who was great at calming him down if needed. Once we got Paul to where he wanted to rest, it made for more agreeable posing, and I was able to focus on that darling face. There is always a small risk when not using a diaper or cover but naked baby photos are just the most adorable! With the simple background the attention is on his miniature features; like how he was sucking in his lower lip.

In this calm, quiet moment you remember just how perfect newborns are with their smell, small sighs and coos and how they cuddle into you and take a deep breath. Welcome baby Paul, you are so loved.

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Island Park mini getaway.

Island Park holds fond memories for my family and my childhood. We are fortunate enough to share a family cabin and many a weekend did we spend each summer and winter. Now we have children of our own and get to carry on traditions and start new ones for them to remember. We used to love being set loose on the 3-wheelers (about the most unsafe mode of transportation), and the boys love them as much as my siblings and I did growing up. The cabin remains relatively unchanged all these years and as my sister and I grow older we love the nostalgia of the decor….that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t kill for some new carpet..hint, hint Eric. The summer always brings the most amazing wild flowers and the air smells so good! Can’t wait to stay again.

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There is such a special innocence in children. The world is truly their playground and they find adventure in everything. They are such small little beings and yet, it is clear that they are already creating who they are in the world. Hold on to your little ones and continue to show them that the world can always be a playground.

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Eli’s 6 Months

This adorable baby full of the perfect chubby is part of a family I have been capturing for 5 years now! We last did his newborns and the difference is almost heartbreaking. It’s hard to watch babies grow, even when their not yours but someone’s you know. He has grown so much, but so have his siblings, Isaiah and Lilly, so Mom chose to bring all three in to get some updated photos and memories in their home. Getting three little ones to sit still long enough and get a smile from each one can be a challenge but it can also provide for some humorous shots. Big brother thought it would be more fun to make silly faces for me but I managed to get one “good” one out of him to go up on the wall.

Since this is the last baby for this family, adorable baby accessories was the finishing touch! We have an assortment of these fun leggings for both boy and girl and the Boy’s Tank Bodysuit is the softest Pima Cotton from One Small Child. (Their Mom told me she went out and bought this bodysuit because it was so soft!) They have some of our favorite pieces to complete a session with little ones. Thank you for such a fun session Eli!

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Another headshots post! I am excited because I love being able to focus in on such beauty, and McKenzie did not disappoint. Her smile was contagious and we had so much fun with shooting. Her personality and spunk can really be seen in the photos with each outfit change.
Thank you, McKenzie, for such a fun shoot and I wish you all the best with your dancing adventures!!

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