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We were so fortunate to get a nice warm evening for this session, I can almost feel the warmth from that afternoon…almost. Natalie’s session was shot while the weather was still my friend, and I loved getting to know her. My long lost friend Laurie, was in town and she did a flawless job on the hair and makeup. Laurie also hung with me for the shoot and helped with lighting…she is a woman of many talents! This was a great senior session and great memories! Thanks Natalie!

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Mckenzi – High School Senior

It has been super fun getting all of the seniors into the studio for year book deadlines.  It is our favorite time of year.  Mckenzi has been in our studio a couple of times for some fun photoshoots, but this was her first time with red hair.  What a fun twist for a senior session!  I have loved photographing Mckenzi.  She is a dream to photograph, and love how her personality shines thru.

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Our little tradition

I’m not sure how Kayla and I began this little birthday tradition, but I am so glad we continue birthday posts year after year. We both try and capture random, somewhat embarrassing, photos of each other during the year, so we can use them in our annual post for each other. This year however, we happened to shoot a tiny session together….perfect for a birthday tribute.

I don’t know if I can even put to words the friendship that we have grown together. Work with Kayla isn’t work at all, we laugh constantly, and recently tackled a little home makeover together. The list goes on and on, but the point is that it doesn’t really matter what project we are working on, we always enjoy each others company. Kayla has consistently helped me work through any and all situations in which I find myself, always with support and understanding. I hold our friendship close to my heart, and some days it is what keeps me afloat. I love you so much Kayla, and I hope you know what an amazing person you are. You possess qualities that I keep hoping will one day rub off onto me…maybe if we spend enough time together!


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Barrow Family

One can possibly tell that these kiddos have been threw many photoshoots with me.  They know exactly what to do.  I was pretty excited to get out of my harvest truck to capture their whole family together.  They didn’t disappoint.  They were all amazing. [even dad!]  I have loved watching each of these little ones grow up.  I will never forget the day this beautiful, kind mom came into our studio with her first precious baby.  I never realized what a great friendship I would gain that day.  It has been such a blessing in my life knowing their sweet mom.  She is very talented in so many ways, that I have confided in her many times threw out the years.

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Three girls and their horse.

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These girls are some of my favorite little people. I can’t believe how fast they are growing up, and pretty sure they will start passing me up in height within the year. All three of them are so sweet,  and I have loved spending time with them over the last few years. Katie always knows how to coordinate outfits and bringing Honey the horse really made my day. Thanks girls!

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